This is Kabbalah Atlantis Ring with belief to be true Divine Power.

The mystical and beautiful Atlantis ring is worn by many women and men for protection and blessing and has been long believed to enhance personal growth and spirituality.Based on a discovery at a place called the Valley of the Kings in Egypt in the mid-19th century, the origins of the ring are thought to date back to 4000 years ago, to the lost city of Atlantis, where it was decorated with engravings of geometrical shapes and ornaments placed in very particular positions. These consist of six pyramids, three lines, and two isosceles triangles (triangles with two sides of equal length).  Also integrated into this design are four holes and a wave pattern which is engraved inside the ring.These special shapes and the energies emitted from their positioning are an ancient, secret formula for transmitting positive energy to the wearer while keeping away negative energy.  Intended for a personal use, it can be worn on a finger, on a chain around the neck, or even carried in a pocket – anywhere where it’s close to the person’s skin. Please read more in Product description ……..

  • Truly Unique Kabbalah Ring Gold and Silver
  • Ring with belief to be true Divine Power Protection,Success and Prosperity
  • The mystical and beautiful Atlantis ring worn by many women and men for protection and blessings

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