King Solomon Kabbalah Jewelry Star of David Gold Silver Ring For Guarding and Protection



This unique ring is a powerful Kabbalist amulet for protection and safeguard. This Kabbalah ring includes several Kabbalist motifs. Makes a beautiful and meaningful gift for the. Made of sterling silver and 9 K gold the pendant also includes the five metals, according to the special Kabbalist formula. The blending of the five metals ( Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead ) is believed to draw  on powerful energies and give  the piece its unique appearance and spiritual qualities. The design includes three shields of ‘Tikun Hava’ according to the three letters in Eve’s Hebrew name, Hava.The first letter in Hava, Heath, equals to the number 8 in Gematria. Accordingly, Abraham’s shield, the outer shield in the pendant, consists of two integrated squares that sep up to eight sides. Abraham shield is traditionally believed to encourage Redemption.

The second shield represents the second letter in Hava’s name, Vav, which equals to the number 6. David shield, the shield in the middle, consists of two triangles with six wings.  David shield stands for Equality, the surface if the wings us equal to the total surface.  David shield enhances inner balance and Redemption of Values.The third shield, the smallest one, which is called Solomon shield, is a five-pointed star which stands for the third letter in Eve’s name, Hey, which equals to the number 5. Solomon shield is the Redemption of Act and Beauty.The ring is delicately inscribed with the verse “For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways” (Book of Psalm, 91). This verse is a virtue for protection and keepsake on the road.Inside the ring is inscribed in Hebrew with two of the 72 Names: Alef-Dalet-Lamed for Protection and Alef-Kaf-Alef for Creativity.

This Ring Suitable for man and Woman

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925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold


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